Introduction: Magic Finger-A Project Cost Only $10 Based on Seeeduino XIAO

Magic fingers for Temperature sensor, Seeeduino XIAO and PC.

Background of project:
The idea of this project mainly comes from the fact that I burned my finger by boiling water this morning, which is a painful thing. In life, we often hurt ourselves because we don't know the temperature of the water, the temperature of the coffee or the temperature of the cup.If we have a magic finger at this time, it can help us test the temperature first so that we can avoid getting hurt, which is something that make us happy.

Content of project:
WS8212B can react differently according to the different temperatures that the Grove - Infrared Temperature Sensor detects. One of the LED will show surrouding temperature. Another LED will show the object temperatur.When the temperature is too high, the light will be red, when the temperature is comfortable, the light will be green.


Step 1: Project Selection:

Fristly, because it needs to be tied to a finger, we need to find a small board.So I found that Seeeduino XIAO is appropriate.This is a very simple and practical project, using Seeeduino XIAO is enough.

[The Seeeduino XIAO is the smallest member of the Seeeduino family.It carries the powerful ATSAMD21G18A-MU which is a low-power microcontrollers. On the other hand, this little board has good performance in processing but needs less power. As a matter of fact, it is designed in a tiny size and can be used for wearable devices and small projects.] Secondly, we need a Grove - Infrared Temperature Sensor and a WS2812B Digital RGB LED Flexi-Strip, which is the main material we need.

Step 2: Welding

Because the Seeeduino XIAO is very small, you need to choose a thinner wire when welding.

Step 3: Install Code

The code is very simple, but you can make your own changes on it.For example, you can add some new features to the magic finger that ws2812b can twinkle at night and so on.

You can improve the accuracy of measurement by changing the value of offset_vol.


Step 4: Encapsulation

You can encapsulate to any shapes you like!

Step 5: Project Selection:

Step 6: