Magic Floating Pencil

Introduction: Magic Floating Pencil

This is probably the best easy trick I know. With this trick, it will seem that you have made a pencil magically float in the air. There are two ways to perform the trick and both are extremely simple to carry out.

Step 1: Things You Will Need...

You will need the following items to perform this trick:

pencils (2)
rubber bands/hair ties (2 or more)
your hand

For the easy version, you will only need one pencil and both of your hands.

Step 2: Easy Version

Remember, for this version you will only need a pencil.

Hold the pencil in your hand like in the picture above with your other hand around your wrist. Without your viewers knowing, have your pointer finger firmly holding the pencil to your palm.

Step 3: Professional Version

The simplified version of the trick could be a little risky in the way that if you do it more than once or for an observant viewer, they could notice you only have three fingers and a thumb visible.

That's why I've included a trick for the magician that prepares beforehand.

For this version of the floating pencil trick, you will need to put the two rubber bands around one wrist. Insert one of the pencils under the two rubber bands so that it goes out past the middle of your palm but not visible from the back side of your hand. I would suggest an unsharpened pencil to avoid getting poked. This pencil will act as your index finger in the previous description. Next, put the pencil in your palm and under the first pencil.

Step 4: A Few Suggestions...

Make sure the back of your hand is facing the audience.

For the professional version, pull your sleeve over your wrist to hide the rubber bands. This will prevent viewers from noticing the secret to your trick.

Leave your hand clenched tight for a moment and then open your hand intensely to increase the suspense.

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    There is a magician by the name of Eric Mead that does a talk on this illusion and one of the things he mentions that really sells it is when you start show the audience the pencil gripped in your fist (palm of that hand faces the audience) while your other hand grips your wrist. As you turn, move the finger into the proper position to hold the pencil and keep the fist around the pencil. Then open your hand slowly and people go whatttttt, then close your fist again, turn back to your starting position while moving your finger back to around your wrist. Done right people will be blind to the change of fingers you are displaying around your wrist.

    Also if you have a watch on you can avoid suspicious hair bands as well as sleeves!

    Regardless this is such a fun effect and with the hairbands/ watch/ whatever around your wrist, it can really floor people!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    When my sister was helping me take pictures, I saw her many bracelets and thought that they would work too. Thanks for the suggestions.