Introduction: Magic Lid Box

Ok i think its quite hard to explain i tried :/ if ur confused just say in the comments i'll change it :) its not actually very hard to make it just looks super complicated. I made loads of them!

(P.S. its amazing)

On an A4 piece of paper.....

Step 1: Draw the Net

Mark 2.5cm from the top on both sides and draw a line to join them, so theres a 2.5cm wide section across the top.

Then measure 28cm from the right at the top and bottom and draw a vertical line there. There should be a small rectangle cut off in the top left corner, so draw a tab in it.

Step 2:

Divide the main section into 4 7cm wide sections.

Then on each side, mark 1cm, 4.5cm, 11.5cm and 15cm upwards. Draw the lines across to join them.

There should be like a grid of different squares/rectangles.

(Sorry the pictures arent clear)

Step 3:

In the biggest (7cmx7cm) squares, mark 2.5cm downwards on each of the vertical lines from the line 11.5cm from the bottom of the page.

Then on the next line up, (15cm up) mark 3.5cm across from each vertical line, so you have to middle of each box where the 2 lines cross.

Next, join these middles to the top and bottom corners on the left hand side.

Step 4:

At the bottom, the 1cm wide strip is going to be cut off, but the on the 1cm up line mark 3.5cm across to find the middles, the same as before except here we need the middle at the bottom.

Join each point to the top right hand corner.

Step 5: Cut It Out

These are the sections you nee to cut off, you can cut out the triangles by folding them in half along the line since they should be symmetrical, and you will need to fold along that line anyway.

You also need to cut a slit downwards from the bottom of the triangles to the 2.5cm point you marked earlier, this will make the box corners fold in slightly so you can fit the lid on.

*if you're using card, you might need to cut them as a thin point downwards instead.

Step 6: Folding

Ok, in the picture, the pink lines show where you should fold it away from you and the green lines are where you need to fold towards you.

Step 7: Glue the Bottom

It kind of stays without glue but it will be stronger of you glue it. Put glue on the triangle side of the line in the picture and fold them under each other so it looks like a cross.

Step 8: Finish

Lastly, glue the flaps under and its dry.

It looks like the lid is shut but actually when you open it it lifts up instead!