Introduction: Magic Marble Machine

Still working out a lot of the kinks but so far this is what i have working to an extent


-multiple 2x4 and other scrap wood

-wood glue, super glue

-a form of a saw and drill and sander

-a type of screw 1-2 inches in length

-Washers (3/4")

-Wooden Dowel (3/4")

Step 1: Gears

To start, the gears are about 3 inches in diameter, draw out 8 of them on a 2x4. Cut each of the circles our and sand the outer edges however you see fit with the tools you have. In the very center drill a hole that is 3/4 of an inch wide. Cut a ridge about half an inch deep around the middle of the outside of the gear.

Step 2: Base Assembly X3

Take a few different sized squares (I used a 4x4, 6x6, and 3x3) and line them up. Cut ramps out of another piece of 2x4 and screw them into the sides of each block. Put a flat piece of wood on top of the largest base.

Step 3: Assembly of Crank

With base 1 or 3, assemble the crank as shown, there is a 3/4 inch wooden dowel in the center of the wood which then is glued down to a smaller circle to prevent it slipping out. The washer s then added to reduce the friction between the gear and the stand. Then finally the gear is glued on to start the whole system and the handle will then be screwed on.

Step 4: Assembly of Transfer Section

The largest part of the sculpture, use a 2x4 and cut out 4 angled pieces (45 degrees) and screw them onto a 4x4 piece of wood then add another piece of wood standing straight up that is about 1 foot tall. On the sides of that add 2 "wings" as shown in the pictures with holes drilled for the dowels. After gluing and screwing everything together, add the dowels to the holes then add a washer on each side of each dowel and glue the gear into place on each one.

Step 5: Assembly of Belt Holder

Drill 2 holes in a 2x4 that is about a foot and a half tall. make sure one hole is 3 inches from the bottom of the board. After drilling the holes, take base 1 or 3 (whichever wasn't used previously) and add the piece with the holes in it to it. Then once again add the dowels and the top gear will have a washer and gear on either side while the bottom dowel will be glued on and a washer will be added along with a lubricant of some sort to hep the gear turn smoother.

Step 6: Full Assembly

Add all these elements onto one large board. Heres where it gets tricky, i have been dong tests and you need to find something like a fan belt or such that will be able to grip and turn the gears as you rotate the handle. Once you find something of that sort, add it between the handle and the first gear one part two then the first gear on the opposite side of part two to the second gear. Then the second gear on part two goes to the backside of part 3. Then add the belt to the part 3 and add magnets to the outside of the belt. there should be a little storage area for the marbles around the base of the belt.

Step 7: Finale

After all is set up correctly and the marbles are in place, crank the handle in either direction and watch the marbles being picked up and moved around!