Magic Mike#1

Introduction: Magic Mike#1

Step 1: Deck of Cards

Step 2: Flick Cards Until the Word Stop

Step 3: Stop at the Word Stop

Step 4: Take the Card It Stopped on (7of Diamond)

Step 5: Put the Card Face Down on the Deck

Step 6: Like So

Step 7: Put Half of Deck on Top

Step 8: Look I Deck for a Random Card

Step 9: When Done Flip That Card Over

Step 10: Put Deck Far Down

Step 11: Split Deck Into 2 Piles of 26

Step 12: Take 1 Card Off Both Poles and Put Them Down I Make 4 Piles

Step 13: Keep Doing That Untill Ur Card That U Flipped Over Is on Top of a Pile

Step 14: When U See That Card STOP

Step 15: Flip Over the Top Card of the Pile Next to the Faced Up Card

Step 16: Take Both Those Cards to the Side

Step 17: Flip Top Card Over on #1 Pile

Step 18: Flip Top Card Over on #2 Pile

Step 19: Flip Top Card Over on #3 Pile

Step 20: Flip Top Card Over on #4 Pile

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    Wise Raven
    Wise Raven

    8 years ago on Introduction

    It is a cool card trick. I did figure it out after about 20 tries. Are you going to show how you do the trick in your next ible? You can add a new level of trickery if you do a Sybil cut before you split the deck.


    8 years ago

    Can u do it ??


    8 years ago

    Awesome card trick