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Introduction: Magic Mirror Box

In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a "Magic" mirror box. When viewed from one angle, you can see three gems. From another, four. As you rotate the box, you can see 6, 8, 12, and 24 gems! How many gems are there, really?

And of course, you can put other precious items in there and see it multiplies!


  • 12 4"x4"e adhesive mirrors
  • Foam board / cardboard (preferably solid color)
  • Clear, flexible, cylindrical plastic container
  • Double sided tape
  • Washi tape
  • Craft knife
  • Compass (the tool for drawing circles, not the navigation tool)

Step 1: Prepare Mirrors

Cut them out into connected pairs. You should have six pairs.

Step 2: Cut the Circles

Cut out circles of board.

Make sure the radius is slightly bigger than the length of the mirrors (because the mirrors' thickness will take up space as well).

Repeat to make 3 circles. One for the top, one for the bottom, and one to make slices to stabilize the mirrors.

Step 3: Make a Degree Measurer

Print and cut out a circle divided into 15-degree sectors (24 pieces).

I found the image here:

Step 4: Draw Marker Lines

Take one cardboard circle and use the degree measurer and a marker to divide it into a 120-, 90-, 60-, 45-, 30-, and 15-degree section.

Step 5: Sectors of Different Degree.

Cut along the marker lines to make the sectors.

Step 6: Connect the Mirrors

Connect all of the mirror pairs into a strip of mirrors. Then connect the two ends of the strip.

Then, glue each original pair of mirrors together to form an star shape.

Now you have a mirror star with 6 flaps, where each flap is now a two-sided mirror.

Step 7: Position the Mirrors and Sectors

Put the mirrors on a whole circle of cardboard. Make sure it is centralized. Then, place the sectors in between the mirrors. Secure the cardboard sectors with double-sided tape.

Step 8: Cut the Plastic for the Sides, Pt. 1

Separate the sides and the bottom of the plastic container.

Step 9: Cut the Plastic for the Sides, Pt. 2

Cut out a section of plastic to be the side of the mirror box. It should be about 4" wide and the length should be slightly more than the circumference of the bottom board (Leave out extra to glue together).

Step 10: Attach the Sides

Wrap the plastic strip around the mirror box and tape to form the side. Glue on the side and bottom.

Step 11: Box Lid, Pt. 1

Take the base of the plastic container. Sketch out a circle slightly smaller on the last cardboard circle and cut this smaller circle out of the cardboard circle.

This "skylight" will allow for more light and therefore better viewing.

Step 12: Box Lid, Pt. 2

Tape the plastic bottom and foam board donut together with double sided tape.

Step 13: Decorate the Side

Put washi tape strips at 15 degree intervals as shown. This will cover up the edges of the mirrors and make the illusion more believable. It also serves as decoration! You might want to print another paper degree model. It will be helpful here.

Tip: use tape to temporarily secure the parts.

Step 14: Decorate the Top

Place strips of washi tape on the top (to cover the top mirror edges as well). The paper degree model will be helpful here as well, but make sure to remove it when you're done.

Step 15: Additional Decoration (Optional)

You may add additional decoration. We added a LED candle light on top.

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    10 days ago

    Where does the reflected object get installed?


    Reply 9 days ago

    Place one object in each of the little compartments divided by the mirrors.


    12 days ago

    Fun project, and very clever! : )