Introduction: Magic Nipples

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Simple to make, easy to use, and surprisingly versatile, these magnetic "nipples" are a great way to organize your life with a super fast hack. 

They're the equivalent to a hook, except they will hold anything that weighs less than a pound (ish) and has a magnetically attracted metal on it. Your keys, flashlights, pliers, screwdrivers, scissors, and multi-tools all can be held with these bad boys. And since you don't need any tools to create them, and they don't damage walls, these are unbelievably useful for dorms, apartments, and homes alike. Simply put, they are magic.

Step 1: Gather Materials

This is one of the best parts of this life hack; you only need two things. A 5g packet of Sugru, and a rare earth magnet. I got my magnets from ThinkGeek but they are also available at many craft stores, and even some grocery stores.

Not Pictured: You'll also need a wall. And a pair of hands. The pair you're using right now should be fine.

Step 2: Apply Sugru to Wall

Remember. wash your hands before you use the Sugru!

Cut open the Sugru packet. All four sides. Now peel the wrapping off. Rub the Sugru around your hands into a ball, just so that you get it warmed up and ready to mold.

The next thing you want to do is press it against the wall wherever you want the magnetic nipple to be. I prefer eye-level, because that way there's no chance my phone could pass by and get messed up by the magnetic field.

Press it onto the wall and put enough force into it so that you flatten it down.

Step 3: Magnet

So now that you've got a nice little hunk of Sugru sitting on your wall, it's time to add some function. This is where the rare earth magnet comes into play.

Take your magnet and push it into the Sugru approximately in the center. You want the edge to almost become flush with the Sugru, having it stick out the slightest amount. You want it like this so that the entire surface of the magnet can grasp onto whatever you need hanging.

You now can spread out the edges of the Sugru and even it out so that it's got a consistent thickness throughout. All of this should be done in a timely manner, as Sugru has a 30 minute work period after it's opened.

Step 4: The Waiting Game

Sugru has a suggested curing time of 24 hours for 3-5mm thick. This basically means you have to wait a whole day until you can begin organizing your life with these helpful nipples. 

Luckily though, I made one of these a few days ago, so we can take a look at it in action!

I tested the strength of this project by leaving my pliers on it for roughly 9 hours, and it held with no signs of stress. The Sugru seems to have no problem holding the magnet and weight of the object, so it's really about what the magnet can hold up. 

Below are a few examples of what I found it will hold.

Step 5: Removal

Not everything in life always goes as you plan for it. That being said, you might not want having a handy little nipple on your wall. The great thing is that Sugru can just be peeled off your wall with no residue or damage. Here I peel off a failed version of this project.

Peel away, my friend. Peel away.

Step 6: Summary

We like this design because it's simple, uses only two materials, requires no tools, is versatile, can be made to look extremely clean, and makes life easier. You can peel the Sugru off with no damage to your walls, which also makes this a regret-free project.

Sugru is a great product and can be used for many things. It is however, a bit costly to go and use three or four packets of it on one project that has limited or overly-specific use. Our project uses one packet, and one magnet. It can hold many objects. Your tools are easily within eyesight, and reach. Your life is easier.

From everyone at Bad Guy Labs, Happy Holidays, and keep makin'!

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