Introduction: Magic Paper Fan

Today I am going to show you how to make a magic paper fan.

Step 1: Materials Required

Color paper of size (1) 28 x 21 cm(pink) (2) 4 pieces of size 20x14 cm(green and violet) (3) 20 x 15 cm(yellow) , 2 ribbons of length27 cm , a pair of scissors, Cello Tape, Stapler.

Step 2: Making the Fan

Take 4 pieces of color paper of measures 20 x 14  cm and fold each of them as shown in the image given below. Now tape the ends together as shown in the image.

Step 3: Attaching the Ribbons

Take 2 ribbons and staple them to the ends of the fan as shown below.

Step 4: Making the Stick

Take the color paper that measures 28 x 21cm and roll it over such that the fan fits in. Once the fan is inserted in the stick ,staple it or glue it so that the fan does not detach from the stick.

Step 5: Making the Cover

Pull the ribbons from both ends and clip them for instance. Grab the color paper that measures 20x 15 cm and roll it . Staple the ribbon on one end to the edge of color paper and roll it.Pull the other ribbon and tape it to the color paper. Complete rolling the paper and securely tape the end once you finish rolling it.

Step 6: The Complete Magic Fan

This is the finished look of the magic paper fan.

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