Magic the Gathering: Card Storage

Introduction: Magic the Gathering: Card Storage

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After making it, I honestly can tell you it hasn't worked well for me. However, I'm posting this in the hopes that someone can set a suggestion to improve it. Tell me if you have any ideas!

Step 1: Gather Materials

You're going to need
Something as filler
A shoe box

Step 2: Filler

I wanted the cards to be close to the top. So I used some old deli meat containers to raise them up a bit.

Step 3: Floor

I then cut some cardboard to size to make the flooring. I had to cut an extra chunk as I didn't have a large enough piece, so I taped them together.

Step 4: Dividers

Mark out how many sections you will have. A card is about 2.5 inches across, so I made 5 2.5" sections, with two one inch sections on the sides. Probably will store colorless, lands, and multicolored cards there as the five sections will be for the five colors.

Cut out the dividers based upon the size of the shoebox. Tape them in. Check how well the cards will fit with a stack of them.

Step 5: Cards!

Put your cards in and any little tabs you want.
With how I'm sorting (by color, set [I'm just having all non standard legal that I own in one section], and then type [creature,instant,etc.]) I will need 100 tabs. Quite a large amount, but I'll be able to find them hopefully!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    You could use thicker cardboard for your dividers. You could use an "egg crate" pattern for your dividers. The dividers have a slot cut halfway through. This will make them stand up better. It would help if you told us why the box didn't work out well in more detail.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    The tape did a poor job of helping the dividers stand, and tape and cardboard seems to have not been the best material to have used. I have a new design that's fairly simplistic that I've built and is working that I'm gonna make an instructable on at some point this week. Could you explain that egg crate idea?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    If the link doesn't work then copy and paste it into your browser. Egg crate dividers are easier to see than explain but I will try. You cut a slot half way across two dividers. Then each divider will fit into the other and create an "x". It will add side strength to your long rows.


    6 years ago

    Instead of raising it, you could put the dividers in the bottom of the box and then build a removable tray to put on top. This might not work if your box isn't deep enough.