Magic Whale




Introduction: Magic Whale

This is a project to creatively decorate a room. Whales are amazing beings, imagine seeing a whale with a city on its back flying over you, I know it's strange but ... it looks great. Enjoy this project and give it your personal touch.

Step 1: Paper Rolls

First, we are going to make rolls of paper for the structure, I use catalog paper.

we tear off the leaves and using a toothpick, we roll the leaves to make the paper rolls

Step 2: ¨Ribs¨

now, with the rolls; we are going to fold the rolls, as shown in the picture to make the whale ribs

Step 3: Structure

Using tape, we are going to attach four rolls of paper to the ribs that we made earlier, as shown in the image.

Step 4: Body

now we crush the rest of the rolls of paper, to make the body of the whale, as shown in the image 1. we will join them with tape, to make them firm, then we will cut two pieces of the rolls, we fold them in half, and These will serve to make the tail of the whale.

Step 5: II Body and Skin

This is how the finished body will look.

then making a mixture of glue and water, in equal parts, we will glue pieces of paper to the body to make the skin.Now with small pieces of paper, we will make mountains and hills to put them on top of the whale, to give it a magical touch.

Step 6: Painting

First we will paint everything with 2 or 3 layers of white paint, as a base. Then we will paint the whale with the colors that we like, I will paint it with its natural colors: white and blue-gray.

also paint the mountains with shades of green and dots of different colors.

Step 7: ​first Flight

Now we will tie ropes to the body of the whale to attach it to the ceiling of the room. In this case, use a black rope, but you can use a fishing rope. And now enjoy the magic whale flight.

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    5 months ago

    thank you Alexuma; your project is also good


    5 months ago on Step 7

    This turned out really awesome - nice job!