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Introduction: Magic Chocolate Box - Chibitronics Circuit Sticker Project

For this fun project, we will be making a magic chocolate box and a wand. When you touch the magic wand to a magic spot on the box, the light that is already on will magically "move" to a second location. This will be achieved by using a homemade wand and magnetic switch. You can see it in motion if you click on the choc.wmv link below.

First you will have to gather some materials. You will need:

  • a box (we will be using a chocolate box for this example)
  • a stick (to make the magic wand)
  • a drill
  • a super strong magnet
  • tape
  • beer bottle cap (or something else that will be attracted by a magnet)
  • Chibitronics copper foil tape
  • Chibitronics LED stickers
  • Chibitronics Trigger Sensor
  • battery
  • binder clip
  • small piece of paper
  • Free Chibitronics trigger sensor template can be found at


Step 1: Print Out Template

Go to and print out template.

Step 2: Add Copper Tape

Put copper tape on the gray lines. Do not cut at the corners but fold tape instead. If you are confused, go to, it will explain how to fold the copper foil tape.

Step 3: Add LEDs and Trigger Sensor

For this part, the LED lights will have to be placed upside down. But before you do this, you will have to cut a hole in the paper where the lights will protrude slightly out. Now you can attach the Trigger Sensor to the template.

Place the LEDs upside down on the paper with the light poking through the hole. Cut another piece of copper tape and place it over the back of the LEDs, securing it to the paper. Make sure that the copper tape covers the contacts. The contacts are on the back of the LEDs, where it is shiny gold.

Once you have done this for both LEDs, your template should look like the picture above.

Step 4: Add Switch and Battery

Take your small piece of paper and and fold it into half. One side will be taped to the template, the other side will form the switch. Put copper tape on one side of the paper. Flip the paper over and put the magnetic bottle cap or other magnetic item on the other side as shown. Attach to indicated circular area, making sure that the copper foil aligns with the copper tape on the template. Press the switch to complete the circuit. This will be your magnetic switch. Then, to test the LEDs, attach battery to indicated area with the binder clip. When you press the switch, the LEDs should light up on the other side.

Step 5: The Box

Cut away excess paper around the circuit so that the template fits inside the box. Depending on the thickness of the box, you may have to cut a hole for the LEDs to protrude from the box. If you are using a thick and sturdy packing box, the light most likely will not be able to be seen from the outside, unless you poke a hole. Our box was thinner but we showed you examples with the hole and without the hole with our example. Then place the finished circuit template face up in the box as shown. Tape securely.

Step 6: Making the Magic Wand

Take your stick and your super strong magnet. Drill a shallow hole in the stick that is just big enough for your super strong magnet to fit in. Cover the hole up with origami tape or tape that people cannot see through. Now you have your magic magnetic wand!

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Close the box. Hold the box so the when you place your wand over the switch, the magnetic switch will move up, completing the circuit. Then, the lights will switch places!

Step 8: Show Your Trick to Others, OR Come Up With More Tricks!

Now you are ready to perform your trick. But before you do this, you should test it out first. Make sure that you remember where the magnetic switch is, so you do not have to go searching for it in front of others. Also, practice the trick first. If the trick fails to work, it could be that you need to check the battery. Another reason could be that you did not press the copper tape over the LED contacts hard enough. One more reason to why your trick might not be working could be due to the magnet. If the magnet is not strong enough, you will have to find a stronger one.

You can also design your own box cover with some fun & creative ideas. For e.g., the two lights could be two eyes winking! :-) Use your imagination and ... ...


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