Introduction: Magic Duct Tape Wallet on Roids


Discovered this site a little while ago. I made a magic duct tape wallet about a week ago thanks to this great instructable duct tape magic wallet.

I liked it a lot, but still wanted a few more things so I constructed this beast of a wallet and decided to show others how I did it.

The wallet pictured holds: Driver's license, Credit/debit card, receipts, 512MB of flash memory, and also has a money clip.

Step 1: Tools and Such

-razor blade

Materials needed:
-Duct tape
-sheet of paper
-scotch tape
-strong thin magnets
-thin cardboard
-Credit card USB flash memory card
-time to kill

Step 2: USB Card

Cover the usb cord on both sides with paper and scotch tape

Then place two magnets on the front of the usb card in the middle and cover it with duct tape.

After that, take a pen and out line the covered up cord only on the back side. Using the razor, cut the duct tape off to uncover the usb cord.

Step 3: Money Clip/flap

To finish this side of the wallet, place a piece of thin cardboard over the the two magnets and add the other two on top of it.

Then cover with duct tape.

Place the flap on the front of the usb card and secure with another piece of duct tape.

Step 4: Card Holder Side

Cut a piece of thin cardboard the size of the usb card and cover with duct tape.

The next step is to attach both sides to create the magic wallet.

At this point, I will direct you to this instructable because it goes into better detail about the whole process. duct tape magic wallet

Step 5: Card Holder Side Continued

Now on to the card holding mechanisms.

Cut yet another piece of thin cardboard to the size of a credit card. Cover one side in tape.

Open the wallet up and attach the thin cardboard to one side.

Using the razor blade, cut around the X pattern.(see pic 1)

Step 6: I.D. Slot

Trace the I.D. on paper then cut it out.

Lay the paper over I.D. and trace areas that want to be seen. Use razor blade to cut those areas out.

Place paper on some duct tape.

Slip one end into the credit card slot. (pics 6 and 7)

Fold over and secure on all sides accept one.

Slip in your I.D. and check out your new wallet.

Step 7: Pictures

some extra photos.

I know that the magnets will not interfere with the flash memory so I'm safe there. Just be sure to keep the away from your computers hardrive and it should be fine.

One thing I'm not sure of though is if the magnets will mess up my credit cards. If they do, o well, I'm not too dependent on them. Just a heads up if you try something like this.

Step 8: WHY?!

Why would I do this, besides boredom and insomnia?

Well, the magic wallet is cool, but not practical if you have more than 10 or so bills, and you can't add more than a few at a time. Thats the reason for the money clip. One the other hand, it works GREAT with receipts.


Simple. The old wallet had no room for my baby pictures. Since I'm a guy, I rarely head to wal-mart or wherever to get my pictures developed. But I do have a ton of pics on my digital camera. Well now I have 512MB of pictures of my baby with me at all times.

Below is a screen shot of what it like when I plug in my wallet.

This is my first instructable so I'm sure there are mistakes. Thanks for looking.