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Introduction: Magic the Gathering TableTop

When i play MTG i always miss having a clear arena indicating the various zones that are used in Magic.

Offcourse i could buy a playmat but clearly that is just not the same.

So i started to make a MTG board arena for 2 players (and since i play a lot of Commander it includes a Commander zone)

Criteria for me is that the board has to be put away easily and can be transported in the car just as easy.

Hope you enjoy this instructable and this gives you some pointers :) I created a board 80 centimeter by 60cm wide.

(because i created larger battlefield for the Commander games)

Let's start!

Step 1: Needed Tools

Really not many tools needed for this ;

1) X-ACTO knife (any will do)

2) Giant Ruler (i used a floorboard ruler)

3) small saw for the side profile

4) Pencil (for drawing the arena layout)

4) Tapeline

5) Scissors

6) rubber mat to use underneath all that cutting :)

7) verstekbak (english translation seems to be missing)

8) adhesive filt in different colors.

9) Screwdriver and little screws

Step 2: Board and Layout

I've made different zones but usually in Magic you definitely need a library and graveyard,

offcourse a battefield where creatures and land are casted to.

I also made a scorezone but since you could use an app for that you can leave that out.

As stated i made a Commander zone and in my case a Token zone.

in the middle a red and blue part where attackers and blockers move to when they are declared.

Step 3: The Build!

For every zone i've cut a colorful patch (starting working from outside to the inside)
If you know what you're doing this can be done in 45 minutes for the whole board.

with hindsight ; maybe the various colors makes this a little bit to childish looking so you experiment with the different colors before applying the filt.

When all filt has been applied we can cut the plastic sideprofiles and either glueing or screwing them to the board.


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