Introduction: Hidden Usb Device

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Many of us face the problem of privacy of data. Their is a cheap, amazing and interesting way of hiding a storage device and controlling it with using magnetism. No one will ever able to think how to activate this device.. So read this n please comment.

Step 1: Components

1 A plastic box
2 A male to female usb cable(also know as usb extender)
3 Any storage device (pen drive in my case)
4 A reed switch (heart of this circuit)
5 A magnet (powerful enough to activate the switch)
6 soldering iron
7 solder
8 iron nails(optional)
9 Tape

Step 2: The Circuit

The circuit works when the reed switch connects the two ends and storage device activates(pen drive in my case)

Step 3: Cut the Usb Cable

Cut the cable n strip the both ends

Step 4: Solder the Cables

Solder all the cable except the red one. Solder the red cable with having reed switch in the centre. It will work as our sensor for turning the device on and off

Step 5: Put the Things in the Box

Pu the thungs tightly in the box. Cut the cable so that it fits perfectly and paste the reed switch on one side of the box

Step 6: Testing Time

When we remove the magnet the device stops working and when we put it back it starts.
Video link:– Watch "Hidden usb storage" on YouTube - Hidden usb storage:

Step 7: Conclusion

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