Magical Magnets

Introduction: Magical Magnets

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Hi everyone,

Hope you are all doing well during the outbreak of Covid-19. Today I will be showing you a cool trick with magnets. At the end of this instructables you should be able to make a magnet fly on a piece of paper! If you have any question and/or comments please let me know down in the comments section. I hope you enjoy it!


Step 1: Draw

The first step is to draw your lines on your piece of paper. Remember that you will have to control the front magnet from the back magnet so when you are moving the magnet remember to be on/in the lines. I have also included a picture that you could use for your lines that you could download if you would like to print out that picture.

Step 2: Attach the Magnets

The next step is to attach the magnets. Take on magnet and put it on the back side of the page were the lines start on the front side of the page. Then take your second magnet and put it on the top side right on top of the bottom magnet.

Step 3: Conclusion

Now you are done. Go to someone and hold up the paper. Take on hand and hold the back magnet while the other hand holds the paper. Know the magnet should move! I hope you liked it, if you did please share it with other people. I hope to see you in another instructable!

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