Introduction: Magical Wand That Lights Up!

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This is a (Harry Potteresque) wand that can cast 4 different colored spells. I chose red (Stupify ), white (Lumos ), blue(Expecto Patronum ), and green (Avada Kedavra ).
Each spell is commanded by a tact switch at the base of the wand. The wand can be customized to your style and spells.

Step 1: Materials


electrical tape
1 wide wooden dowel rod
1 CR2032 battery
1 CR2032 battery holder/clip
1 toilet tuber
1 green LED, 3-2.3VDC (The lower VDC creates a more intense glow), 5mm
1 red LED, 3-2.3VDC, 5mm
1 blue LED, 3-2.3VDC, 5mm
1 white LED, 3-2.3VDC, 5mm
4 Tact switches, 5mm

Step 2: Cutting the Handle

Taking the dowel rod, you are going to cut off about 5 or 6 inches from one end of the rod. This will be the handle, so you can adjust it according to the size of your hand.
Use a hand saw. Be sure to keep your fingers clear of the blade.

Step 3: Preparing the Handle

Clamp the handle onto your workbench. Drill a hole through the it longways, wide enough for your toilet tuber to fit inside snugly. Sand the ends of the handle.

Step 4: Putting the Two Together

Insert the toilet tuber into the hole in the handle. Push it to the end.

Step 5: Sizing the Wand

Cut the toilet tuber to the length you want your wand to be. Cut that thing off the end.

Step 6: Stringing the Base Wire

String a wire (common) through the wand, letting some wire hang out each side. In the picture, it's white.

Step 7: Strip! (Wires)

Strip a cm off the wires on each end.

Step 8: Soldering to the Battery Holder

Solder the end of the white wire coming out of the handle to the battery holder. Solder another wire (hot) to the battery holder (the black one).

Step 9: The Switches

Cut four wires with a length from the tip of the wand to where you’d like the switches attached. Strip 1 cm of one end of each wire. Solder 1 wire to each tact switch.

Step 10: Grouping the Switches

Solder the hot wire onto the tact switch. Then bend it over to a second tact switch and solder it onto that one too. Clip off any hangings. The switches will be placed in tandem on the wand.

Step 11: 'U'

Solder the hot wire from the battery into the two sets of switches. Arrange the switches onto the handle of the wand and pull the lead wires to the tip.

Step 12:

Twist all the common leads from the LEDs together.  Solder the twisted wires to the common wire extending from the wand.  Push the excess wire back into the wand tube.  

Step 13:

Solder wires from each of the the tact switches to the hot leads on the LEDs.  

Step 14:

Twist the wires around the shaft of the wand and wrap with electrical tape.  Punch holes in the tape so the tact switches extend though.  Also remember to leave enough room when attaching the battery holder so you can change the battery when needed.

Step 15:

Learn the position of the tact switches so that you illuminate the correct curse when casting your spells.

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