Magical Wings

Introduction: Magical Wings

This is a mixed media creation using leather as central element.

Step 1: Materials

- canvas on a wood frame, dim. 24.5 cm x 29.5 cm;

- two pieces of red leather, # ~2mm;

- one piece of grey leather, dia.~10 cm, # ~1 mm;

- a circle covered by white crocheting, from a support for scarfs;

- the central piece, dia. ~6 cm, is from a kit with die velvet papers;

- acrylic colors: gold for background, red and brass for the central piece;

- gel with shiny effects, “Rico design”;

- relief paste, “Cadence” product, two colors: gold and light red
granite effect;

- a palette knife, a roller sponge, a small brush;

- silicone liquid for bonding;

- an awl, a ruler, scotch tape, scissors.

Step 2: Preparing the Canvas

- The canvas is painted with two layers of acrylic gold color.

- After drying, I covered it with a gel with shiny effects, for embellishment.

Step 3: Preparing the Leather

- From paper I made two patterns for the wings.

- I cut the red pieces accordingly (fixing the paper on leather with scotch tape).

- With an awl I marked the fringes: about 5 - 6mm width.

- I cut the fringes with scissors.

- For the grey piece: following the shape of the circle I cut the leather, approx. 10cm

Step 4: Preparing the Central Piece

- This is a part from a kit with die velvet papers.

- The white areas are colored with acrylic red and brass colors.

Step 5: Bonding the Parts

- Everything is bonded with silicone liquid.

- The sequence was: the wings, the grey leather, the circle, the central

(The red leather is not bonded in the area of fringes).

Step 6: Embellishments of the Canvas

- Using relief paste I made two small spirals.

- After drying, I completed them with the other paste with granite effect,

used also in the other two corners, to complete the composition.

This is my mixed media composition with leather as central element!

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