Introduction: Magnet Fishing, Reusing Harddrive Magnets.

About: My name is Richard, Goliath due to my to height. I enjoy building robotics, up-cycling, recycle things into something new, that keep my mind off my Autism. Something are very expensive in life, so I build it …

Cleaning up nails or screws dropped on the floor.
Cleaning up metal shaving from metal working
Or just go fishing for iron objects in ditch and water ways,
Rescuing your car keys from a drain, I done it!

Hard drive magnets are super powerful compared to magnets found in audio speakers.
Over time I had some non working hard drives, what could be better reusing into something just as uses full.

All you need tools.
A drill with metal working bit.
Adjustable spanner.

Couple of large can lids.
As a many magnets can get your hands on.
Nuts and bolts, I used children’s metal construction kit from a charity shop.
Epoxy glue.
Fence wire.
Some form of rope to tie your magnets to.

Step 1: Removing Magnet From Harddrive.

Remove the lid, by removing the 7 security screws using a appropriate Torx screwdriver.
One of her screws is under the main label need to pick part first.
The magnet is covered by peice of metal held on by two more security screws on back of the Harddrive arm.
Price out the magnet with the screwdriver.

Step 2: Bolting, Glueing, Wiring in Magnets,

Bulk of the magnets are bolted to 2 large bean tin lids, using epoxy and chicken wire where needed to give some strength.
With the bolts showing on the back side of the project, able to connect the rope to the bin lid, by unsung left over children’s construction metal kit.

On the other end of the rope, 6 smaller Harddrive magnets found in smaller hard drives, wired together with a wired loop on the end.
This is perfect fishing in any storm drain for lost keys,

Step 3: Good to Go.

Works perfectly using a bag of plastic container to separate what pick up from the magnet.

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