Introduction: Magnet Hollow Box

Difficulty of realization 6/10

Step 1: How It Work

An hollow box made of magnets is probably useless but it is very nice and satisfying to build and handle. You can keep it at home as a sculpture as I did for some time and then dismantle it and create some other cool geometric shape.
If you have graphite or better, pyrolytic graphite you can use this box for interesting diamagnetic levitation experiments.

Since this box is very difficult to open, someone has suggested using it to hide something or as a piggy bank, but it's best to use it for banknotes and not for coins.

Step 2: How It Make

All magnetic cubes must have the magnetic field oriented in the same direction with alternating polarity similar to a chessboard

Only two of the 6 cube faces are difficult to build. These 2 sides must be constructed on an iron or steel support that allows the cubes to stay in the right position otherwise they tend to break easily. In the video, see the direction of the magnetic field as a mark with a marker and then assemble the "slices of magnets" by alternating polarity.

The other 4 sides of the cube are easily built because the magnets are joined in the direction of the magnetic field.

If you want to build it, know it is not an economical object because you need 488 of 10mm cubes to make a 10x10x10 cubic box, but you can choose the size you prefer depending on how much you want to invest.

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