Introduction: Magnet Maze - Multiple Modes & Levels

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Most mazes on paper aren't very fun and can really only be played once. This 3D printed maze has two modes and can have as many levels as you want.


You will need. . .

  • 3D printer (or go to a local maker space)
  • 3D printed parts
  • 13 - 6mm x 2mm disk magnets
  • superglue
  • 1/4'' metal ball

Step 1: Design the Frame

I first got a rectangle and used a bunch of holes to get the size right. I then used four cylinders (witch hold the magnets in place) four holes, four rectangles, and four roofs to make the rest of the frame.

The frame holds the maze in place. The little edges on the inside is where the maze will sit on.

Step 2: Design the Cover

I used a rectangle, four cylinders, and four holes to make the cover.

The cover is what goes on top, or on bottom (depending on the mode), of the frame.

Step 3: Design the "Pen"

I used a cylinder, a hexagon, a cone, and a hole to make the pen.

The pen is what you use to move the ball when playing in blind mode.

Step 4: Design the Mazes

For the square maze I used a ton of rectangles to make it. If your designing your own, make sure there is 7-8 mm in between each wall.

For the circle maze a used a bunch of holes, a bunch of cylinders, and one rectangle to make the walls. I then used a bunch more holes and a bunch more rectangles to finish it up. If your designing your own, and want an extra challenge, use holes to make... holes in the maze.

Step 5: 3D Print

Place them like so and they are ready to print. Here are my STL files if you would like to print your own.

Step 6: Glue the Magnets Onto the Frame

In this step you will need,

A - Superglue

B - The frame

C - Eight magnets

Flip the frame upside-down and use superglue to connect the magnets to the frame holes. Make sure the magnet polarities are all facing upward.

Flip the frame back right-side up and glue the last four magnets into the holes. Face the magnets opposite to what they were on the bottom. (If the magnets on the bottom positive's sides are facing outward, face the magnets on the top positive sides upward.)

Step 7: Glue the Magnets Onto the Cover

For this step you will need,

A - Superglue

B - The cover

C - Four magnets

Glue the magnets into the cover holes with them all facing the same direction. (If the top magnets on the frame positive sides are facing upward, do the same to the cover.)

Step 8: Glue the Magnets Onto the "Pen"

For this step you will need,

A - The pen

B - Superglue

C - One magnet

Glue the magnet onto the pen using superglue. It doesn't really matter witch side is facing upward.

Step 9: Mode 1 - Handheld

For this gamemode you use gravity to control the ball.

Place the cover on the bottom with the magnets facing downward. Then, place the frame on top and the magnets should connect. Then, place in the level you would like to play.

Now you can roll the ball around and try to complete the maze. For the circle maze you start at the upper left corner and try to get to the center. Try not to let the balls fall into the holes. If you do, the ball will be caught in the cover so it won't roll around. To get the ball out just remove the cover and the ball will fall out.

Step 10: Mode 2 - Blind

This gamemode is for people who want a real challenge. You use a magnet to control the ball but you can't see the ball, or the maze. . .

First, place the maze into the frame. Place the ball in and now place the cover on top of the frame.

Use the magnet to try to get to the end. It's REALLY hard and it took me many tries to finish it once. Even the person who made the maze had trouble with it. :/

Step 11: Change Levels

To change the levels, first you remove the cover and then the maze. Now, put the old maze to the side and switch it with another maze. This way if you get bored with one or want another challenge, you can always have another level.

Step 12: Gameplay

This was a fun project and it is really fun to use. It is pretty challenging in blind mode and would keep me entertained for hours. If you request enough in the comments I'll make some more levels.

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