Introduction: Magnetic Belt

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re working on a project and suddenly you knock over the tub you were keeping your odd nuts and bolts in?

In my first instructable I will show you how to make your very own EARTH MAGNET workshop belt.

Step 1: Equipment/Materials

Multiple Drill Bits
Electrical Tape
Dremal + Bits
Hot Glue Gun + Sticks
Cutting Blade

Dead Hard Drives (Min 6)
Dead DVD/CD Drives (Optional)
Belts x2

Step 2: Strip the Hard Drives

I had 6 dead hard drives you could use more but out of those 6 I got 9 Earth Magnets I could of use around 12 but I did get some smaller one's from old DVD drives. (See Step 6)

Step 3: Count Them Up

After far too much free time and a few pint of Strongbow I finally managed to extract 9 earth magnets from 6 drives, this can be quite difficult at times as some drives have hidden screws keeping the magnets in place.


Congratulation you have now extracted the magnets now comes the HARDEST part separating them from their metal plating, this can be done by getting 2 wrenches/pliers on either side and BENDING LIKE CARZY!!!!!

Step 5: FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that all the magnets are free it’s time to wrap/secure them with some electrical tape to make sure that if they do brake they stay together. (3 of mine broke)

Step 6: Mini Magnets

Now this step isn’t really necessary as it only gives you a few small magnets for the work you put into disassembling the drives, the 2 magnets are located next to the lens, so just crush or smash this bit to extract the 2 small magnets.

Step 7: Clean Up (Part 1)

Time to clean up, YOU NEED THE SPACE.

Step 8: Belt Time

Now it’s time for the belts, first things first you need 2 belts, so long as there the same width any type of belt should work.

Step 9: Cut Out the Loops

Now depending on what belts you have this stem may vary but in my case it was only a small amount of stitching holing the loop in place so after a small bit of cutting it came free. (Do this to both belts).

Step 10: Belt Markings

Now it’s time to size and place the magnets, first thing you want to do is put on one of the belts or even a older one and when it’s on use a pen to mark out there you want the magnets to start and finish, (I used and old Halloween belt for measurements).

Step 11: Trim and Tuck

Now it’s time to trim and tuck the belts, to start line up both belts and cut one of the buckles of so that it can comfortably sit in the other belt and so that the holes at the other end line up as well, I used hot glue to secure the two belts but if you have access to a sewing machine i highly suggest doing that instead.

Step 12: Glue the Magnets

Using your measurements from step 10 it’s now time to line up the magnets the way you want (I put the strongest magnets where I felt I would store the most stuff).

Make sure you get a rough guide first and STICK AS YOU GO as the magnets had a tendency to wander if I let them just sit (2 broke because of this).

Step 13: Re-Loop the Belt

Now it’s time to attach the loops before the belts get fully sealed (I glued these in place but now I wish I hadn’t as sometimes they don’t fit through the belt loops on jeans, so if anything only use 1 loop and don’t glue it down).

Step 14: Glue and Pin

NOW ITS GLUE TIME, glue in small batches and let it dry each time, a good trick I found was to pin the belts together with cutlery either side.

Once you have finished gluing up to the end of the magnets make sure you trim the rest of the belt off (the hit with the holes) as 2 sets of holes are harder to put threw the buckle, and don’t forget to seal it with some more glue.

Step 15: To Fill or Not to Fill

Ok now that everything is sealed and secured you are now the proud owner of a magnetic workshop belt but it is up to you if you choose to continue with any additional filling and cosmetics (I chose to fill the inside of the belt because during a test run I found smaller screws etc.. kept getting stuck in the gap).

Step 16: Fill It In

Just glue like crazy in the cavity until it comes out of the top, keep in mind the glue may leak through onto your hand if you’re not careful (I wasn’t), and repeat this process on the other side.

Step 17: Dremal Grind

Now it’s time to scrape and grind all the excess glue off the belt, I did this by using my Dremal with a weird orange bit which by the end was black and covered in glue, just start at one and slowly move back making the glue flush with the leather (WEAR SAFTY GLASSES) it may seem pointless but eventually the Dremal bit heats up and bits of molten black glue can come flying off into your face.

Step 18: Dremal Buff

Now that you have all that exes glue off its time to smooth the glue and blends it with the belt is was achieved by using a polishing bit and running it over the leather and glue on each side and because the glue heats up some of the black colouring in the belt bleeds into the glue making it look flush, if this doesn’t happen or is stubborn is areas you can just cheat by getting a permanent marker along the glue and buffing it in.

Step 19: DONE!!!!!!!

And your done all that’s left now is to figure out when and where you’re going to use it.

Step 20: Clean Up (Part 2)

Time to clean up to make room for your next project.

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