Introduction: Magnetic Utility Bracelet

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Are you ready to feel like the next Magneto with this super powered bracelet?

No? Well how about Magneto's 2nd cousin Roger that always wanted a super cool bracelet with magnetic properties?

Yes? Well, than consider yourself lucky.

This handy bracelet will allow you to place nails, nuts, screws, pretty much any ferrous metals on your wrist for quick and convenient access. Leaving both hands free to work and not having to worry about dropping hardware or sticking it in your pocket.

Now I know you're excited so let's move on and find out how to make this super functional accessory.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Hot Glue Gun

Neodymium Magnets(see picture)

Faux Leather/Pleather


12" Ruler (preferably plastic)

-Optional- fabric or canvas

Step 2: Measure Once, Cut Twice... Wait, What?

Roll out that super fancy pleather and wrap it around you wrist. Determine how long it needs to be to fit snugly around your wrist then add 3" inches.

For reference I have labeled each side with either TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT, RIGHT for ease of understanding.

Once cut, place your ruler on the end perpendicular to your arm (either the top or bottom) and fold inward using the ruler as a pivot point. The ruler is a guide for a minimum and if you want a wider bracelet it can extend beyond the ruler.

Fold each side so that one is overlapping the other by about 1/2 inch. Now put your wrist on top of it to see if you like the look. Once you are done imagining how complete your life will be with this bracelet, move on to the next step.

Step 3: You Rule!

Using your handy dandy ruler, begin by measuring and marking 1 inch in from the left and 1 inch(minimum) from top.

Using the previous marking as a starting point, mark every 2 inches until you reach a point where the next measurement will be less than 2 inches but AT LEAST 1 inch.

From the final 2 inches mark, measure 1 inch and mark for cutting.

At this point you should be able to measure 1 inch from the left and right with a mark, and every mark in between is 2 inches apart.

Step 4: These Are Some Attractive Magnets.

  • Forewarning these magnets are serious, read the warnings on the box and keep away from kids and pets, it can mess up their insides.

Time to break out these surprisingly strong magnets. They can be a pain pulling apart but eventually you'll get it. If you let them bang into each other too much the force will cause them to begin breaking and chippings so be careful.

Once you're done being amazed by these little powerhouses lay them flat and start matching up the poles. Mark the poles for easy reference if they get mixed up. I used + for north and - for south but really you can use whatever as long as you know how to tell them apart.

Once you feel established on which pole is which, place hot glue and a magnet (same sides up) on every mark except the very last one.

For the last mark you will flip the magnet so that it is opposite from the others. Which will later create a latch and this is what keeps it on your wrist.

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat.

Now that the top is done, repeat steps 3 and 4 for the bottom.

To ensure you placed the magnets correctly, you can match up new ones with ones that are already placed. Better to be sure now, rather than after you glue it.

By the end you should have all "like" magnets except two on the right side.

Step 6: Glue and Fold

Once you are ready to fold, place a line of glue on the end and fold. The fold should include the magnet and use it as a pivot point. If you do this correctly, the magnet should be getting flipped over and its pole is now opposite.

Do the same on the other side, ensuring these magnets are flipped over as well.

Step 7: How About a Trim?

On each end stick the scissor in until they touch the magnet and cut.

Then cut across the 2 cuts removing the excess. This will make the ends fold easier.

Put a good amount of glue to make sure it stays but not too much where it spills out and makes a mess. Fold it and trim the excess to make it look nice.

Step 8: Oops. ( Skip If No Size Adjustments Are Needed)

I originally made the bracelet way too big but it was easy to correct.

Find your correct size (again) ensuring you measure to cut the end that has the poles facing the same as the rest and not the end with one column of opposites.

The cut should be made with about 1 inch left so you have enough material to fold over.

Test your fold, if there is not a magnet at the edge take some from what you just cut and glue them inside the fold.

Now glue the fold, and now it should be the correct size.

Step 9: (Optional) Pleather Makes My Wrist Sweat.

The pleather is comfortable enough but it makes me sweat so I decided to add some fabric to make it more comfortable. Any fabric works, I just used an old canvas belt because it was what I had.

Lay whatever you're using across your bracelet to measure it. Have the fabric stop just short on one side so that it does not block the magnets underneath it.

Now put enough glue down to hold the fabric securely.

Once it has cooled put it on and test the fit, adjust as necessary.

Step 10: Are We Done Yet...

Test out your new high fashion/high function bracelet. By hanging metal from it. These magnets are strong enough to even hold screw drivers and wrenches along with any screws, nails, nuts, or bolts.

Remember these magnet are quite strong so keep them away from sensitive electronic devices.

And now for the most important part: Enjoy your creation!

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