Introduction: Magnetic Checkerboard Concept:

Hello Again!,

Still doing some woodcraft, but this time i wanted to learn about using machinery to create something.I decided to create a Checkerboard. This was something classic and simple, but to spice it up i figured out how to put magnets inside it and create a magnetic checkerboard

Step 1: Requirements Materials

NOTE: this pertains to Materials, you can default to using manual counterparts.

You will require Screws, Neodymium magnets, Glue(varies) 2 square pieces of wood for the size of your checkerboard and 4 pieces that will run along the sides. Put the magnets inside with and alternating magnetism(picture 2) in a square like fashion .

Step 2: Machinery

All the hand tools you may need: default to manual if you need or want to.

Sandpaper, Multiple types of saws(one is in a board) a power drill and screwdriver.

Step 3: Creating It!

after making the wood pieces match up in size begin by laying out the magnets, after that leave them alone and be careful while laying them out. I discovered that they fracture easily. Next attach glue to the magnets and ideally flip the the board over while keeping the magnets between the two so that you may apply glue to the other side of the magnets.

Once done line up the two square pieces and leave them with the magnets between them. Following this being attaching your rectangular pieces with wood glue. After that sets, drill a 3 holes in 2 parallel sides( for a total of 6 holes) of the checkerboard you now have.Following that fit the screws inside to reinforce the checkerboard.

After that test the concept and apply art as you see fit.

Step 4: Recommendation

My recommendation from doing this would be to predesignate where your checker squares will be and to use square magnets instead of circular ones that i used.this will allow for more convenient and accurate marking of the checkerboard.