Magnetic Darts

Introduction: Magnetic Darts

Difficulty of realization 5/10

WARNING!!! This experiment can be dangerous, I recommend anyone to try it without nails

Step 1: How It Work

I discovered this magnetic effect almost by chance by testing for another experiment. it is amazing how fast the arrow is shot from the magnets with hole. To obtain the weapon effect, the magnet dart and the launcher must have the same polarity. If the polarities are opposite you still get a nice effect like a tractor beam.

When I insert the dart into the hole of the launcher some force is required, the dart then reaches an equilibrium position between attractive and repulsive forces. Just push the dart out to equilibrium this speeds with the same force that I used to insert it in the hole.

Step 2: How It Make

The materials that I used for this experiment are these

1) printing the target
2) for launcher : 4 magnet disk 30x3mm with 5mm hole or 4 magnets disk 15x3mm with 5mm hole
3) for dart : 1 cylinder magnet 4x25mm
4) a nail

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