Introduction: Magnetic Dishes for Your Creeper

Here I will teach you how to add magnetic trays to the side of your creeper so you don't have to waste your time again. With this magnetic dishes on the side of your creeper, you will never have to stop and get out from under your car to find whatever you need again. This saves you time and stress.


  • Power Drill
  • Step Drill Adapter
  • 2 Magnetic Dishes
  • L-Wrench
  • Long Flat 6 Wheel Creeper

Step 1: Lay Out All Your Materials

Have all of your materials out and ready for use so that his project is a breeze.

Step 2: Remove Center Wheels With L-Wrench

You will be removing the center 2 wheels with the L-Wrench. When you have removed them, but the wheel and accessories in a safe place.

Step 3: Use Power Drill With Step Drill Adapter to Make Hole on Dish Bigger

As you can see in the picture, the bolt was not able to fit through the dish. So this is when we have to use the power drill. Insert the drill adapter to the drill and then measure how deep you want to go. The deeper you go with the drill, the bigger the hole with be. The hole should be bigger than 5/8.

Step 4: Check for Fitment

Once you have drilled your hole, go back and check if they fit. If they do not fit, go back and continue to drill the dish until the bolt is able to go through.

Step 5: Attach the Dish Back With the Center Wheels

Once the bolt is able to go through the hole, you are now able to put back the wheels with the dishes. When putting them back, you put the dish as the first thing to the bar and then the bolt. Make sure the Wheels are straight when you are screwing then back on.

Step 6: Finished

Now you have your very own creeper with magnetic dishes on the side so you never have to waste your time again.

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