Introduction: Magnetic Easel for Children

A wooden easel for children with magnetic board made from scrap materials in my workshop.

-jigsaw or regular saw
-screws, nails
-cable wire or can use a chain or string
-optional foam tape to hide screws
-velcro strip

Step 1: Cutting the Wooden Frame Strips

Decide what measurements you would like the easel to be, i went with 1300mm high x 500mm wide. You will need to cut 4 of each. I had 40mm strips of wood so i just used that as my thickness to save time.
After cutting the strips to equal lengths with either a jigsaw or saw, sand the hell out of it to get it super smooth to avoid any nasty splinters.

Step 2: Cut or Find Some Galavanised Steel or Magnetic Metal You Wish.

Cut your metal to just 5 mm shorter than the frame size you want so that no metal will poke out of the edges of the frame.
Either punch or drill clearance holes around the perimeter of the metal sheets keeping within the thickness of your wood. These holes will act as your clearance and hold the metal, once screwed to the frame, giving it strength and keeping it neat.

Step 3: Making the Wooden Tray to Hold Pens and Brushes Etc and Fixing It to the Frame

Measure some wooden strips, totally optional what size you want, and the proceed to make a tray. Drill clearance holes and use nails here to avoid any screw heads sticking out which may scratch the childs hands.
Once you are happy with your trays drill 2 more clearance holes that will be used to screw the tray to the frame, be careful again as not to split the wood when screwdriving it into place.
Cover the screws with foam or any tale if you wish.

Step 4: Screwing the Frame

Place the wood on a table and then the metal on top, line up where u want the metal and carefull screw into the holes. Drilling into the wood can help this process go quicker. Be careful not to press to hard or you may split the frame depending on thickness. Repeat this for both sides of the easel keeping it the same.

Step 5: Attach Hinge to Top of Both Frames

Find some hinges or buy them? I found 2 on an old cabinet.
Screw the hinges onto 1 frame first then line the other panel up next to it in postition to get the exact same place to fix the other side of the hinge. That is critical or it will be wonky.

Step 6: Wire Guard and Velcro Strap

You can either use a piece of wire like i did( if you can see in the picture some red wire) or some string would work just simply attach it to opposite frame legs at the length you desire to stop the legs from slipping and to give strength when the easel is at its max width that you want. Its best to use wire or string as its felxible so you can fold the easel up for storage.
Attach A velcro strap near the bottom which will hold legs in place when in storage position.