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Pagequest is a Singleplayer RPG boardgame from Thristoy games.

The Goal is to go from the top of the A4-Page down while fighting monsters, getting equipment and leveling your character.

The game is super fun, free and o you can print it yourself at home.

But the paper was always flying around in my backpack and everytime a breath of air arrived it would screw the gameboard, so i decided to do a magnetic cardboard-version of the game!



  • Printed A4 Game Pages:
    The A4Quest Files:
    Alternatively you can buy Pagequest Season 1 here:
    (Be sure to print them on 160-200gr/m2 paper, so you get a good stiffness.
  • Magnetic figures
    I had some old travel-boardgames at home with magnetic figures. You can also buy these travel games for cheap in any 1$-shop.
  • Pieces of metal precut
    I went to my local metal-store and told them to cut them directly for me. ( i dont remember the thickness, but you can see them in the picture.
    • 1x Piece with the size of A4.
    • 1x Piece of 10x21cm
  • Some badges of velcro
  • Spray paint
  • Cardboard
  • Stanley cutter5x Dices

Step 1: Cut the Pagequest-Files

With the ruler and the cutter cut all the pagequest papers, so that you get

  • Character sheets
  • Dungeon Area (A4)
  • Character figures
  • Game Manual

DONT CUT THE OBJECT PAGES! We will do that later.

Step 2: Cut the Gameboard

You will need to cut the cardboard in the following sizes:

  • 2x 25x34cm (You can cut the board a little wider if you want to have more space for stuff)
  • 1x 10x21cm

Now take one of the 25x34 pieces and make the following cuts (see picture).

In the middle cut 21x30cm, so that you are left with a frame of 2cm on each side.

Next you will have to decide where in the frame you want to dock your Character sheet, dices and figurines.

Have a look at the image. I cut a rectangle for 5 dices in the left down side of the frame. Just above 10cm per 1cm for the character sheet to dock and above that another rectangle for the figurines.

Extra: I made an extra stand on top of the frame to have the Manual Sheet there, but this is optional.

Step 3: Glue the Gameboard

BE CAREFUL: Normally metal edges are very sharp! You can help yourself by sanding them a little bit before conitinuing.

Take the A4-metal piece and put put it between the 25x34cm cardboard and the frame you just cut.

In the picture you can see the "metal-part" already covered by another piece of paper i put there to have a nicer finish. But you can leave it metal if you want.

Glue the three parts of the gameboard on top of each other.

The have a nice finish on the sides i took masking tape and covered the edges.

Leave to dry

Step 4: The Character Sheet

Glue the piece of metal (10x21cm) on a piece of cardboard.

BE CAREFUL: Normally metal edges are very sharp! You can help yourself by sanding them a little bit before conitinuing.

On one side of the character sheet leave 1cm of metal free of cardboard, so the sheet can "slide" in the "Game Board Dock" later.

Take the masking tape and cover the edges as as you see in the pictures for a smooth finish.

Step 5: Paint Everything!

Now its time to take your spray can and cover all the game board and the character sheet with spray!

I used black spray, but this is up to you. If you dont want to cover the metal be sure to cover it before spraying the pieces with color.

Step 6: Velcro Magic!

Now its time to take that velcro and glue pieces in each of the four corners of your board game frame and on top of the character sheet base.

Do the same with the opposite parts of the velcro and place them on all your printed and ut character sheets and dungeon-sheets. (See images)

Fix one character sheet on the character sheet base and one dungeon on the game board.

Almost ready!

Step 7: Glue the Objects

Take the object pages, that you didnt cut before and glue them directly on a piece of cardboard. Be careful to cover all the "future" corners of the object cards. (where we will cut them)

When dry take the ruler and the cutter and cut out the objects on the paper together with the cardboard.


Step 8: The Characters

Take the characters and fold them as instructed on the marked lines.

If you have some left over figurines and can take out the magnets, take them out and glue them underneath the Characters. You can now place them on the gameboard and they should stick trough.. tam tam tam... magnetism!


Time to put it all together!

Step 9: The End

Now you can finally put it all together!

  • The Character sheet should be velcroed on the character sheet base and docked onto the gameboard
  • The Dungeon sheet should be velcroed to the Gameboard
  • The magnetic Figurines should sit in their base
  • The magnetic Characters should sit in their base
  • The Dices should in theré place in the frame.

Now all you have to do is follow the game manual and enjoy one of my favourite single player games in style!

Step 10: Notes

  • In my build i added an extra sheet of metal on top of the frame to hold the game manual. To do this you just have to by one extra sheet 10x21 cm (or less), bend it after 2cm and add some more velcro.
  • I labeled the "Dockin Station" with "Character" and the Dice areas etc.

Thats it! I hope you enjoy this instructable!

Currently i am working on a portable travel version!

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