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Introduction: Magnetic Helping Hands for Soldering

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Do you want another hand that will help you while soldering? I do too!

A couple months ago I built a helping hands tool to help me while soldering, But... I got tired of it, So I built another one!

Step 1: Where Did This Idea Come From?

I have no idea how I thought of making this, The cone-ish shaped red base came from a 12V car siren that was given to me by my grandpa, Because he didn't need it anymore, This siren was made in 1984!

I did want to make a "What's Inside" Instructable for this siren, And after taking it apart, I accidentally deleted all of the pictures :(

Ok, Enough talk, Let's get started!

Step 2: What You'll Need


Hot Glue Gun (Other Adhesives such as: Silicone RTV, And Sugru, can work too)

Sharp Utility Knife (Optional- for removing extra hot glue)


1 Strong Speaker Magnet

The Cone-ish Shaped Base

Alligator Clips (I used this for my old helping hands tool too, It's basically two different sized alligator clips that are hot glued to a connector that attaches to a "Sliding T Handle", But now it gets held on by a magnet...

Step 3: Hot Glue the Magnet

First, Apply some hot glue to the inside of the cone, This is so the magnet will stay in place while holding a heavy PCB.

Step 4: Seal With Hot Glue

Seal the air gap between the magnet and the cone with hot glue as seen in picture 2

Step 5: You're Done!

The connector sticks to the magnet immediately when placed on it

Step 6: It's Pretty Strong!

This helping hands tool can easily hold 2 circuit boards that weigh more than 230 grams! (~8 ounces)

Step 7: Thank You for Watching!

Thank You For Watching, I hope you enjoyed my Instructable!

If you wan't to see more projects like this one, Don't forget to visit my Instructables page and subscribe for more future projects!

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    7 years ago

    Yeah !

    Good project !!

    Old speaker magnets are handy for a lot of things ! I am a firm believer in recycling/re-purposing any thing I can . Years ago , on my clothes dryer , the latch that holds the door shut broke . I didn't have a replacement latch , or know where to get one , meanwhile I had a washer full of wet clothes ! I took a magnet that I had removed from an old speaker and stuck it on the front of the dryer to hold the door shut ! I used that dryer for years that way , until it had other problems , then I ended up getting another dryer .

    Cheers , take care , and have a good day !...73