Magnetic Hideaway




Introduction: Magnetic Hideaway

This product is a small box, that can be placed anywhere you want that is magnetic. It's simple and can hold anything you want, from money to phones.

Step 1: Designing the Product

The first step is to take the measurements. The measurements you should should take are length, width and height of where you plan to put it. Draw a rectangular prism the size of your measurements.Then you draw squares in the corners .25 cm larger than the magnets you plan to use. You then use use the shell tool and set it to .25 cm and then click on the inner area. Next you use the extrude tool and extrude the bottom of the square sticking out, down to .25 cm longer than you magnets. Next you use the shell tool and set it to .25 cm and click on the square.

Step 2: What You'll Need and What You Can Use It For...

Some of the things you'll need are:

1. A 3D printer

2. A ruler

3. Two good magnets. (You can get magnets at home depot)

4. Hot glue


5. Paint (If you want it to blend in to where you put it better, I recommend spray paint, but any paint is fine)

Some things you can use it for:

Under a metal desk

In your fridge

In your locker

In your file cabinet

Or anywhere magnetic!

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    3 years ago

    You could use one of the magnetic photo frames to stick to the bottom of a cabinet or desk to attach it to :)