Magnetic Key Hanger

Introduction: Magnetic Key Hanger

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This is a useful, easy-to-do, fun project.  It is also an inexpensive and customizable gift, perfect for Father's Day.

Step 1: Materials

  A piece of wood that's your favorite shape
  Several rare earth magnets (as many magnets as you have keys to hang up)
  A drill

Step 2: Directions

Drill four holes (or one for each magnet), that are each fitted to the magnet that you want to go in that hole.  Insert the magnets and carefully glue them in place.  If your wood is the same width (or slightly larger than) the width of your magnets, then you should be able to stick it to a magnetic surface (your refrigerator, for example) using either side of the wood.  The hardest part of this project is over, and the fun has begun.

Step 3: Customization

This is where the fun begins.  From here on out, the creativeness of this project is completely dependent on your imagination, but I do happen to have a few ideas.  You could paint the board specifically for Father's Day, or you could make the key hanger out of an Intarsia project.  The outcome is completely up to you, and I hope you enjoy it!  Feel free to leave a comment and show a picture of your key hanger.

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    8 years ago

    I wonder if this would be bad for my retarded expensive Volkswagen keys, if not, awesome idea, not sure why i didn't think of this before but with neo magnets