Introduction: Magnetic Kissing Stuffed Animals

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Stuffed animals make great Valentine's Day presents. But you can make them even better by just added a couple of magnets. If you place a small magnet inside the mouths of a pair of stuffed animals, they will pull towards each other and kiss whenever they are close to each other. This is a simple project that just takes a few minutes. It is great for people who are just learning to sew. 

So here is how to make magnetic kissing stuffed animals. 

Step 1: Materials

Here are the materials that you will need for this project

Two Stuffed Animals
Two Strong Magnets
Seam Ripper (or sharp knife)
Sewing Needle

Step 2: Select a Pair of Stuffed Animals

This project will work with just about any pair of stuffed animals. You just need to make sure that there is room behind the mouth to fit the magnets.

Step 3: Select a Pair of Magnets

For this project to be effective, you need two very strong magnets. They need to be able to attract each other through several layers of fabric. I recommend using rare earth (neodymium) magnets. You can find these in most hardware stores.

Step 4: Open the Seam in the Back of the Stuffed Animal

The first thing that you need to do is open up a seam in the back of the stuffed animal so that you can fit the magnet inside. I recommend using the seam in the back of the neck. This area isn't very visible and if you make a mistake, it can be covered up with a small ribbon. The ideal tool for opening up a seam is a seam ripper. However, if you don't have a seam ripper, you may be able to get by with a sharp knife if you are very careful. 

Start by locating the seam. Use your fingers to separate the fibers. Look for a line where the fabric comes together. After exposing the seam, try to find the threads that are holding it together. Insert the seam ripper into the seam so that the center blade goes over one of the threads. Gently apply pressure until the seam ripper cuts through the thread. You may now be able to use the dull part of the seam ripper to pull the threads out of the seam. If not, continue cutting threads until there is an opening in the seam that is large enough for your magnet. Do this for both stuffed animals.

Step 5: Insert the Magnets Into the Mouth of Each Stuffed Animal.

Now slide the magnet into the opening. Use your finger to move it around until it is located just behind the mouth of the stuffed animal. Do this for both stuffed animals.

Step 6: Test the Stuffed Animals to Make Sure That the Magnets Are Positioned Properly

After inserting the magnets into each stuffed animal, you should test them to make sure that they are in the right position. Hold the stuffed animals in front of each other. If everything is aligned properly, then they should pull toward each other and kiss. Make any necessary adjustments until everything lines up just right. 

If the magnets aren't quite strong enough to work, you can add additional magnets behind the first one to make them stronger. 

Step 7: Close the Seam of Each Stuffed Animal

Now it is time to sew up the hole in the back of your stuffed animals. Start by threading your needle. Then you need to make an anchor point on one end. Make several very small loops through the fabric just past the opening in the seam. If necessary, you can also tie a knot in the thread.

Once this point is secure, you can begin stitching the two sides back together. There are a lot of different stitch patterns that you can use for this. I just used a simple spiral that goes back and forth between the two sides as it goes up the seam.

Then when you have gone a little past the other end of the opening, pull the thread tight. This should tightly pull the two sides together. Lastly anchor this side by making several small loops through the fabric. 

If you would like some tips on improving your sewing skills, you can check out the "Learn to Sew" collection.  "How to Sew" is particularly good.

Step 8: Finished Magnetic Kissing Stuffed Animals

Now your magnetic kissing stuffed animals are complete. Give them to a loved one and watch them be impressed when you demonstrate their hidden secret. 

Cleaning Note:
If you use magnets that will corrode in water, then you should not put them in a washing machine. Carefully spot clean any areas that get dirt.

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