Introduction: Magnetic Knife Rack - 3D Printing Build

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We were using a standard knife block on the counter but I have always liked the idea of a magnetic knife rack on the wall, so this month I went to work designing a 3D printed version and here it is. Its a combination of 3D printed components, magnets, a walnut veneer strip, and a food safe wood finish.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Any/all necessary protective equipment.

All other items for this project can be found here:

Step 2: 3D Printed Parts

(~20 hours @ 60 mm/s)

  • Filament choice not important
  • 0.2mm or greater layer height
  • 15-20% infill
  • Support may be required depending on orientation of the parts

Step 3: Finishing and Assembling 3D Printed Parts

  1. Remove any support material if it was used.
  2. Sand the outer body parts and the front facing (bottom) strip on the
    base plate parts using 150 - 400 grit sandpaper until smooth.
  3. Use adhesive to combine the 3 outer body parts together and then the 3 base plate parts together.
  4. Use bondo spot putty to fill in and hide the seams. Once dry, sand until smooth.
  5. Using a lightly damp cloth, wipe down sanded parts to remove any dust.
  6. Apply 1-2 coats of primer.
  7. Lightly sand down dry primed parts with 600+ grit sandpaper.
  8. Using a lightly damp cloth, wipe down sanded parts to remove any dust.
  9. Apply 2-3 coats of white paint to the planter.
  10. Apply 1-2 coats of clear coat.

Step 4: Final Assembly and Installation

  1. Cut the veneer down to a strip 15.5" x 3.5".
  2. Use food-safe wood finish and apply to veneer strip.
  3. Use adhesive to glue the veneer strip to the assembled baseplate. It should align with the bottom strip of the baseplate.
  4. Use a hot glue gun to glue the magnets in place. It might be worth
    marking the locations of the knives and gluing the magnets in those locations for even spacing if not using bar/strip magnets to span the entire width.
  5. Adhere the baseplate assemble to the wall using screws.
  6. Install outer body cover over the baseplate assembly.
  7. Add your knives and enjoy your new magnetic knife rack!

Step 5: Wrap Up

Thanks for taking the time to explore the project, I hope you try it and
if you do I’d love to hear your feedback and see pictures of your build!

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Step 6: