Introduction: The Magnetic Mohawk - the Most Attractive Hairdo POSSIBLE

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Do you think science is cool? Become a metal head!

(I would like to note that this is my 22nd instructable.)

Step 1: Ingredients

1 Moh
1 Awk
1 Can Magnetic Spraypaint (~$10)

may be substituted for 1 amount of ferrofluid mixed with gel, which is probably better for your head.

Step 2: Fun Fun Fun

Test for attractiveness
Repeat until sufficiently magnetic

I recommend little neodymium magnets. I could bike around in a strong headwind with those, and they're still in my hair, now.

Hard drive magnets are too strong. They stuck to me, and now I'm stuck with them.

So, I'm thinking of a whole bunch of cool things you could do with this.

1) Add solenoids.
Now you can be like medusa, control your hair and make it stand up.

2) Add solenoids and a microphone.
Now your head can be a sound-responsive VU Mohawketer, kind of like this shirt

3) Develop ESP --
Notice your hair rise when you're walking under high-current lines

4) Refrigerator Magnet Poetry on your head.

You can make anything magnetic.
What do you do?

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