Introduction: Magnetic Notebook and Pen (Fridge Magnets)

This magnetic notebook and pen are perfect for making grocery lists, taking down phone numbers, or writing reminders to yourself while you are in the kitchen. This is a fairly simple project requiring things that you probably already have.

Step 1: Materials:

Here are the things you will need for this project:

1 Memo Pad or Small Notebook

1 Pen/Marker/Pencil/Sharpe

2 Small Rare Earth Magnets (only one shown in Picture)

Super glue (or tape works fine)

On to the build...

Step 2: Attach Magnet to Memo Pad

Put a dab of Super glue on the back cover of the memo pad. Make it less than an inch from the top of the cover, and center it diagonally (more or less). Let it dry, and then test it on the fridge, to make sure it sticks.

Note: Taping the magnet onto the pad works fine too.

Step 3: Attach Magnet to Pen

This step basically consists of attaching the magnet to a point on the pen that will not hinder use of the pen. I attached mine under the clip on the pen, mainly because that was the place I thought would secure the magnet best. Again, tape works great too.

Hold the pen.

Put a dab of glue on the place you are going to put the magnet.

Place the magnet.

Hold magnet until glue sets.

Add a little extra glue on top, to ensure a good hold. (If you deem necessary.)

When you are done, try it out on the fridge to make sure the glue is strong enough and to make sure that the magnet will hold the weight of the pen.

Step 4: Finish!

Assuming you did everything correctly, and your magnets are stong enough, you should now have a Magnetic Pen and Notebook Set! Put it on the fridge, and next time you are out of milk, you won't have to go looking for a peice of paper and a writing implement to make your shopping list.