Introduction: Magnetic Oil Drain Bolt. (Transaxle or Crankcase)

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We all love our cars. they say that the cost of maintaining a car is higher than the cost of living. With the current cost of oil, I can see why. Rubber hoses, plastics, lubricants all come from petroleum.

I'm going to to show you a simple way to help increase your engine and manual transmission life by magnetizing the drainbolt.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials.

You will need.

Drain bolt from your oil pan
Super glue - Make sure you get a super glue rated for metal and magnets. Krazy glue does have a product that will bond metal extremely well.
small neodymium magnet (I used 8mm x 3mm magnets)
Sand paper or steel wool
Degreaser (You can use dish soap in a pinch)


Magnetic bolts are available at a relatively inexpensive cost for most makes and models. Consider purchasing one as there is a slight chance that if you do this, the magnet may come loose inside your engine.

Try this on a lawnmower or small engine first. Make sure you have this working well before you do this on your several thousand dollar car.

I take no responsibility if your bolt comes apart.

Step 3: Clean the Drain Bolt.

Using the degreasing agent, clean the drainbolt very well.

Dry the drain bolt so that there is no solvent or moisture on the drainbolt.

Step 4: Add Some Glue to the Drainbolt

You will only need a drop or two for this. do not over glue as it will not bond properly.

Step 5: Position the Magnet

Position the magnet onto the bolt. The magnet should pull itself onto the bolt and stick from magnetic force. The glue will provide the extra something to prevent it from moving.

Let the glue dry and cure for a few hours. then attempt to move the bolt with a screwdriver using light to moderate force. If this holds, then your okay.

Step 6: Replace the Drain Bolt in Vehicle.

Replace the drainbolt in your vehicle. Fill with oil ... Your done.