Introduction: Magnetic Pin Holder

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Make a contaption to pick up stray pins off your sewing area.

Materials and Tools:

A small container - such as the ones small prizes are put inside of

A magnet that fits in the container - I used a washer sized magnet that is quite strong

Note: weak magnets won't work very well/at all

Strong glue - crazy glue worked well

Scissors - for cutting tape

Duct tape - to close everything up (a nice color or pattern is always good to have)

Step 1: Attach Magnet

Fit magnet into the container and glue in place. Then close up the container.

Step 2: Seal It Up

Wrap some tape around the lid and cut notches to fold down in order to tape over the top. (Notches are only needed if the container is round)

Step 3: Cover Over the Whole Thing

Repeat the steps of covering the container with tape until it's all covered. This step is only if you want the container covered though, if you'd rather it not then skip this step.

Step 4: Try It Out!

You're done! Test it out with your pins to see if it works well, you may need to take off the tape and reposition the magnet but if all went well then you're set and done with a new handy tool for when you're picking up pins.

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