Introduction: Magnetic Playsets in Metal Tins

These simple playsets encourage screen-free playtime and are great for traveling.


  • 3-1/2'' X 2-1/2'' Metal Tin
  • Stickers of choice - Puffy stickers tend to be easy to cut around and more durable than most other stickers. Vinyl stickers and other raised stickers also work well.
  • Sheet Magnet - Self Adhesive magnet sheets help ensure that the stickers stay stuck. You could also use the smaller sheet magnets that are often given away as a promotion or business card but you may want to glue them to the magnet sheet.
  • Scissors and Craft Knife - I find cutting with sharp scissors to be easiest, the craft knife helps clean up the edges.
  • Clear Adhesive Vinyl, Packaging Tape, or Craft Sealer - Packaging tape is probably the cheapest option. If using spray sealer, use 2-3 coats.
  • Full sheet labels and printer (not shown).
  • Optional - A metal cookie sheet or brownie pan is nice to use during the cutting process as it will keep the little sticker magnets organized as you cut them out.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Step 2: Adhere the Stickers to the Magnetic Sheet

Keep them close together to get several sets per sheet.

Step 3: Carefully Cut Around Each Sticker

Clean up around the edges with a craft knife.

Step 4: Create the Backgrounds and Print on Full Sheet Label Paper

Use the attached templates to create backgrounds for the top and insides of the tin.

You can also use MS Publisher to create shapes and fill each shape with a picture to create easy to cut backgrounds.

OR you can simply use the tin itself as a guide, trace around it on the picture you want to use, and cut the picture a bit smaller than the shape you have traced (so the label fits inside the tin). is one website where you can find photos and illustrations to use for backgrounds.

Vinyl labels are very nice for this project but you can also use paper labels.

Step 5: Cover Backgrounds With Clear Tape, Vinyl, or Spray

Step 6: Cut Out Backgrounds

Step 7: Peel Backing Off Labels and Carefully Stick to Top and Insides of the Tin

Step 8: Arrange the Magnet Playset and You're Done!

If your puffy stickers came with other stickers you can cut them into smaller sheets and add them to the tin as an extra gift.