Introduction: Magnetic Spice Rack

I first saw this done here but apparently it was done even before that here. The only difference I made is that I super-glued the magnets to the inside of the canisters rather than hot glue them to the outside. I figured that way I would avoid having magnetic forces weaken the bond between the canister (which is not magnetic) and the magnet.

Step 1: Buy the Supplies

Step 1: Buy the supplies. You can get the watchmaker's tins from Lee Valley and the neodymium (ie: very very strong) magnets from the Teacher's Source. You will also need some super glue.

Step 2: Mount the Magnets

Step 2: Place a drop of super glue in the center of each tin. After you place each drop, carefully place one of the magnets on top. The glue dries VERY fast, but you might want to wait awhile before putting spices in there. Actually, this brings up a good point. I'm betting that it's ok in the long run to let the spices lay on top of the super glue. Does anyone have any comments on that?

That's it! They should look nice on your fridge!