Introduction: Magnetic Spice Racks

Magnetic spice racks made out of cereal boxes. All you need to buy are the magnets... provided you have boxed cereal, tape, scissors, a ruler, and something to write with on hand! I found 1 inch round magnets at the craft store for $1.69 per six pack. Each rack used six magnets.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need the following:

Cereal box, or similar


Magnets (I bought 1 inch round ceramic magnets at the craft store, 6 per pack)




Step 2: Cut the Box

For normal spices, a two inch deep rack should suffice. Measure two inches in on the long sides of the box and cut out. Tape the open end shut after cutting. If you tape the box closed and then cut the two racks out it will be much harder to cut a straight line.

Step 3: Tape the Magnets on the Back of the Racks

After you have the boxes cut, tape the magnets on the back. You could glue them, but it is best to rough up the side of the magnet being glued in order to help it adhere. Also, the magnets may leave black marks on the surface your fridge. I opted to tape them and overcome both of these potential issues.

It is also useful to note that I found it better to stack two magnets on top of each other for the two outer edges, and do the same in the middle, for a total of six magnets per rack (each rack ended up holding five spices).​ When I put the same six magnets across the top of the rack it tended to sag slightly when on the fridge. I have tried to document this in the pictures - the bottom rack in second picture is the one that sagged because the magnets were only lined up across the top and not double stacked.

Good placement = [:    :    :]
Bad placement = [..    ..    ..]