Introduction: Magnetic Torch

Hi everyone.
In this instructable I'm gonna show you how to make a "MAGNETIC TORCH'.
Time taken : 1/2 hour.
Difficulty : easy.
Cost : Less than Rs. 100.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Items you'll need:
1.Rubber pieces as shown
2.Test tube
3.Neodium magnet
6.35 gauge copper wire ( a lot ).
9.Film can
8.An adult

Step 2: Assembly

1.Put a piece of cotton inside the test tube till the end.
2.Insert the magnet inside it.
3.Again put put a piece of cotton but this time at the starting itself as shown.
4.Make rubber washers using the rubber pieces so that they fit on the test tube tightly as shown.
5.Fix the washers to the test tube as shown. fix the LED inside the film can by piercing it ( you can take help from an adult if you wish ).
7.Make a coil between the washers as shown ( 500 turns.I know it is tough but you have to do it ).
8.fix the other end of the wires to the LED as shown ( remove enamel coating at the ends of the wire ).
9.Now you have assembled everything.

Step 3: Enjoy !!!

Shake the test tube to make the LED glow.
Your magnetic torch is ready.

NOTE: Shaking vigorously makes the LED even brighter.