Introduction: Magnetic Toy Top

About: Magnet Enthusiast

Magnetic top toy made out of a screw, plexiglass, two nuts and a magnet.

Step 1: What You Need

1. Plexiglass

2. Drill with a hole saw head

3. A screw

4. two nuts

5. Iron wire

6. small neodymium magnet with approx 1 kg pull force

Step 2: Drilling the Plexiglass

Here's a short helpful video how to cut plexiglass with a hole saw.

The plexiglass I used was 4mm thick

Step 3: Assembling the Top

The 6mm thick and 45 mm long screw I used was from my electric drum kit - part that prevents the pedals moving around. If you can't find a fancy screw like this, make your own from threaded rod or a screw. It is important that this part is attracted by magnets. The tip needs to be smooth like in the picture.

I secure the two pieces of plexiglass with two nuts around the screw.

The magnet added to the axle is 10mm x 3 mm ring magnet with a 4 mm hole. Pull force 0,8 kg

Step 4: Objects Spinning Around the Top

While the top spins in one place other objects spun around the top in a very interesting way.

First of all the objects that will be spun around the top need to be attracted by magnets. Sharp corners don't work because the tip of the top will get stuck, spinning in that one spot. I used 0,5mm iron wire. I shaped a spiral and a wave like structure out of it. Best way to shape it is to do it against a table. I noticed that 0,5 mm is very thin and shaping would be easier with a thicker wire. Thicker wire is easier to shape but thinner wire will spin longer.

I also used two bracelets and two euro cents. I was able to spin the two bracelets in different directions simultaneously. This is because one bracelet's inner ring is touching the tip while the other bracelet's outer ring is touching the tip. Nice gear-like action there. The Euro cents moved in a very unexpected and peculiar way, check it out from the video.

I highly recommend this project. It's easy and fun and will entertain your kids a long time. Difficulty of realization 2/5.