Introduction: Magnetic UFC Ring With Swinging Door (made Out of K'nexs)

The instructable I decided to make was a UFC ring. I've  chosen to do this because UFC seems to be pretty popular & I was interested to see how it would turn out ,& it will make a great gift for A family member. I also chose to do this because  I am going to be making a stop motion video for my culmination in animation technology class.

Step 1: Video

Step 2: Things You'll Need

 List Of material
*Hole puncher
*Gutter Guard
*5 minute epoxy glue
*hot glue gun
*A awl
*Zip ties
*metalic tape

Step 3: Structure of Ring

step 1:start off by grabbing grey pole  k'nex s and connecting them to the connectors making a octagon (8sides).Do this two times. This will be the base of the structure for the ufc ring.

step2:You then take some some of your eight sided connectors (white/black) and connect them to your red K'nexs  poles making the octagon structure have some more support for when you place you metal sheet in future steps.

step 3:You then grab some of your Harvey straws and cut them to equal size of the grey K'nexs poles .To make it look like a black  structure to give it a more realistic effect .Place the grey K'nexs poles in the straws.

step2: After you have completed your structure,so two octagon structures with support ,take some more of you grey K'nexs poles and  hot glue them into the circular part of  the connecting piece. making the the two octagon structures in a 3d octagon

Step 4: Making the UFC Figure Magnetic

Step1: Take your drill ,magnets,and you 5 minutes  epoxy glue . Turn your UFC figure over & drill a hole about the width of your magnet . Take a tooth pick to to mix the glue around to activate it. place some glue in the hole of the action figures foot. place you magnet in & let sit for five minutes or so .

Step 5: Cutting the Metal Sheet,

Step 1:Start off by taking your metal sheet , and one of your base structures.Take your awl & hammer ,place your awl in the circular part of the connector and hammer it in making a indent to indicate the octagon.

Step2:Take your marker and place it in the hole Use a square to make even lines with the marker after everything is marked you can than take your metal sheet. & cut it on the machine.

Step3: Place you metal octagon & place it on a piece of wood. You then take your drill & drill where the indents from your awl is .this allows the metal sheet to be placed onto the structure.

Step 6: Making the Mat

Step 1: I made the mat  using adobe illustrator . I just grabbed the logos from sites online cut them and paste them on to the octagon shape. After i was finished & satisfied i printed it out .

Step2:You then lay your metal sheet down onto the structure putting the grey poles into the holes of the sheet .

Step3:hole punch  the center of  each corner on your printed out copy to lay it out onto the structure.ontop of the metal sheet.

Step 7: Making the Fence& Swinging Door.

Step 1(Swinging Door) : Take Yellow k'nexs pole and right angle grey connectors & two of the straight connectors with a circle at the end this will allow the door to swing..Follow the pictures to make the structure of it . Do the same as previous steps for the black & more realistic look , use Harvey straws , K'nexs poles fit right into them .

Step2(Door Frame):Take blue & orange k'nexs poles and right angle connectors. Follow the pictures with the tag (door frame)

Step3(fencing the frame): Take your gutter guard cut  it the length/width use your zip tags to keep it in place on your k'nexs poles. Do this for the Door/Door Frame & Fence Frame.

Step 8: Making the Stairs

Step 1 : take your right angle K'nexs connectors  & your K'nexs poles that are about a inch long. Connect them like they are in the pictures below do three sets of these , After that is complete  slide the red K'nexs poles into the circular part of the right angle connectors. Use a hot glue gun to secure them into place.

Step 2:  after your stair structure is complete take your scrap  from your metal sheet & cut them in to little rectangles roughly the same size of your stairs . Glue them in place then use your metallic tape over top to give it a nice shiny effect. so it looks like metal stairs.

Step 9: Making the Curtains

Step 1 :  take  a garbage bag , double sided tape & scissors.  Cut your garbage in to strips , Place some double sided tape on to the garbage bag. peel the sticky & stick it onto your base structure.

Step 10: Putting It All Together.

Make another octagon shape like step 2 to place on the top of the ring . Use hot glue gun where ever is necessary to keep everything in place & strong. The your ufc Ring is complete take your action figures and have some fun ! :)

********Video is in the progress of being Made Will be Posted Soon :) *******************************