Introduction: Magnetic USB Card Reader

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USB memory card readers always seem to disappear. In our modern life, once you copy the pictures to your computer, where does the card reader go? In a drawer? Behind the computer in the mess of cables? Back in a bag with the camera?

Glue a magnet to the card reader and attach it to your drawers, fridge, or other magnetic surface. Magnets always seem to make people smile, so you and your friends and co-workers will find the card reader magnetically attached to some surface, smile, and always remember to put it back in the same place.

Winners of the September project contest will need these instructions to assemble their prizes.

Step 1: Assemble Parts and Materials

1. [ SanDisk MobileMate SD Plus 5-in-1 Reader]
2. Rare earth magnet (a 1/4'' x 1/4'' x1/2'' NdFeB from Amazing Magnets works great)
3. Epoxy (prize winners will receive one mixer cup of fast cure epoxy and a wooden stirring stick)

Step 2: Glue on Magnet

Open the USB reader's stupid plastic case (this is probably the hardest part of the entire Instructable). Mix up the epoxy and glue on the magnet.

Here's a video taken by the workshop cam.

Step 3: Enjoy

In my experience, the magnet has no effect on data on the memory card.