Magnetic White Board Pen and Eraser Holder

Introduction: Magnetic White Board Pen and Eraser Holder

Do you keep losing your dry erase markers? Here is a white board pen holder that will magnetically attach to your white board. It has tons of room for markers to the left, and it has enough space for an expo eraser to slide in easily to the right.


3D printer and filament (STL File), three to five 1/2" diameter 1/8" thick magnets, clear tape

Step 1: 3D Print the Body

Using a 3D Printer, print the given STL file. DO NOT scale the part or else the magnets will not fit.

Step 2: Placing Magnets and Clear Tape

I left room for five magnets depending on if it is enough magnets to stick to the board, so add up to 5 magnets. i recommend at least three magnets. Put super glue inside of the holes you plan on placing magnets and place the magnets in the holes. Hold down for 30 seconds. Just to be safe, cut enough clear tape and cover the magnets. This can help prevent them from falling out and losing them.

Step 3: Finished! Place It on the Board

You are finished, you may place it on your white board and place the markers in the holder.

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