Introduction: Magnetic Headphones

The purpose of this instructable is to modify my headphones in order to handle better the 10ft audio cable. 

Step 1: Material

  • some donut-shaped magnets
  • super glue
  • headphones
  • scissors

Step 2: Cut the Audio Cable

Simply, do not need more explanation. The difficult part is to fix what you've cutted :)

Step 3: Add Magnets

  • Divide the length of the audio cable by the number of magnets
  • The resulting distance will be used as a distance between magnets
  • Place one magnet at a time and fix it to the cable with superglue
NOTE: Wait the glue to dry before proceed with the next magnet or you will finish with two magnets glued together

Step 4: Rewire the Audio Cable

This part should be simple. Just rewire the cable following the colors of the little wires inside the audio cable.

Then your headphones should be ready.... mine does not working.

Thank to instructable user Soksume and others, I manage to fix my problems.
Actually the rewiring is not that straightforward.

You need to first burn the tiny plastic cover of each wire with a lighter, then wire toghether the wires following the color code.

After that TRY the headphones to be sure that they works.

If it is all ok (I needed 2 or 3 try to have the wiring working fine), use tape to isolate the wires. 

I also applied a tip of hot glue to keep the cable together.

If you want you can also use some heat-shrinkable plastic cover (see in the photos)

Step 5: Plug and Listen

Enjoy your favorite music!