Introduction: Magnetic Key Holder 3000

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Welcome to my instructable on how to make the Magnetic key holder 3000! I promise that the steps are easy to follow and straight forward.

Step 1: Supplies/Tools

It seems to be pretty much Impossible to make something without any thing to make it out of, so here is a list of supplies:
1) Magnets! you will need some small, powerful neodymium magnets in order for it to hold your keys (and not drop them).
2) You will need a shelf of some sort or an overhang on a wall or night stand. This is were the Magnetic key holder 3000 will go. Note: You may want this place to be near a main door or where you place your every day carry stuff.
3) A drill bit of the same diameter or slightly larger then that of your magnets diameter (you don't need a drill, but it will make your project work time faster).
4) Some glue that will bond to metal. I used JB Weld because its really strong (I tested it as a seal and it held up to 250 psi with no trouble at all) and it has iron particles suspended in it so it is magnetic.
5) Some time, because the glue needs to harden at least over night before use. And you will need enough to make the key holder.

Step 2: Prep

Now you can start doing something with those supplies I told you to get.
Find the spot you want your Magnetic key holder 3000 to go and start drilling a hole deep enough for the magnet to sit in flush with the bottom of the shelf.
If your like me and used your hand and decided to roll the bit between you're fingers to drill the hole then you may want to grab a soda, depending on the wood, it may take a while.

Step 3: Setting It In

After you have drunken all the sodas, and made a nice little hole in the bottom of your shelf, you can put the magnet in.
Firstly, mix some JB Weld according to their instructions. Then place a generous amount of it on one side of your magnet, and push it into the notch you drilled.
You can place some magnets on top of the shelf so that it will pull up on the magnet to keep it from falling out while the glue hardens.
Let the epoxy resin (or whatever you used) harden according to the instructions.
Note: you can use two magnets stacked together instead of just one if you have heavier keys. just don't forget to make the hole deeper.

Step 4: Hang Em!

After you have waited years* and caused the main shortage in the soda industry, you can now sit back and admire your new functional key holder! Make as many as you want, you could even cover your entire ceiling!
*exaggerated for humorous effect.