Introduction: Magnetic, Wooden, Puzzle Photo Block.

Hello all instruction readers. First of all I am sorry for my bad english as it is not my first language.

This is my first instructable. Original idea is credit to His photo block gave me an idea to make my own MAGNETIC puzzle.

This was meant to be Budget Project, therefore i did not invest any nice automatic tool to make sure all wooden pieces are perfect.

I got magnetics from old chest drawer's magnetic lock. You will need minimum 22 pieces of magnetic in order to rotate 4 side. If you would like to rotate in 360 degree definitely you'll need some more magnetics.

And of course you'll need a piece of wood, which I found it from street.

Step 1: Cut Your Wood

Okay the number of wooden cubes depends on how big photo block that you are trying to make. These are 3,5cm cubes, because the piece of wood I got from street was 3.5x3.5x40cm.

It will be nicer if I could have table saw or machine, basically any tool rather than your handsaw.

In my case I could not cut them straight and nice, therefore I have to sand them to make sure them have flat surface.

Step 2: Make Holes for Magnets and Metals

Once you shaped your wood as cubes, it is time to mark your magnets on your cubes. I was going to use 54 magnets (6 per cube) to get perfect magnetic puzzle which can rotate 360 degrees. However it was far too many holes that need to be made.

Then my friend suggested me to use metals from cupboard lock along with magnets.

So I hope you can make holes with chisel and hand drill

Step 3: Glue Your Magnets

Once you have placed your magnets and metals, you have to glue them on wooden surface. I used wood glue 505, which I borrowed a little from my friend. It will take 24hours to get dried. Plea

Step 4: Stick Your Favourite Pictures

Now it is time to start the fun part. I have chosen 4 of my family picture and cut them into 9. Shape of my wooden cubes were not exactly cube, therefore sometimes you need to re-measure your wooden block and pictures before you cut.

Once you stick them I suggest you to Sellotape them.

Thank you for checking my instructables.

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