Magnetized Watch Strap

Introduction: Magnetized Watch Strap

This is a really easy instructable that has a really cool finish. This silly stuff will save you from worrying to look at the strap of your watch. In the long term, this action becomes a little tedious if you wear a watch everyday so here there's a solution to avoid it.

Please, notice useful and explanatory comments on photos! :)


- Little magnet

- Little metallic piece

- Superglue

- Plier

- Marker (different color from the strap)

Step 1: Look at Your Watch, How Is It?

Look at your watch, how is it? mine clearly has a middle groove in the strap, so I will take advantage of it to place the magnet in it so it can stick perfectly both part without sticking out any of them.

Step 2: Place Magnet

Place the magnet at the tip of the strap. Then, apply superglue to it and stick carefully both parts. Make pressure to ensure that it's stuck perfectly.

Step 3: Placing the Metallic Part

From a metallic part, I will use the pliers to get the little part I want from it. So I cut it.

I need to know exactly the place I should place the metallic part so I will use a white marker to paint the magnet.

With the painted magnet, I can close the strap, make pressure on it and see where it has left a mark. There is where exactly I'll place the metallic part, on the stain.

So, same procedure as before. Don't forget to make pressure on it to ensure right sticking, I used the pliers on it.

Step 4: Results

Here you can see different angles from the result. As you can see, the magnet and metallic part are virtually hard to notice from any perspective and it works as expected.

See you soon! leave me a comment if you think about any improvement! :D

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    5 years ago

    Magnets are not a good idea around wind up mechanical watches, some old ones were sold as being anti magnetic and I'd guess the expensive ones still being made are. but older watches can get the hair spring on the balance wheel magnetised and then loops of it stick together this messes up the time keeping completely. shouldn't do anything to a quarts analogue watch or a digital though.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks for your comments so other users can take this into account. Mine works with lithium button battery but let's see; I'll tell if the hour corresponds to the exact one after one month.