Introduction: Magno-buddy

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I have always been fascinated by magnets. Today I made a toy for my sister to play with. It is very easy to make, all you need is two small magnets, a small car, a battery, and decorations.

This is my first instructable!

Step 1: Getting the Materials

The materials are as follows:
1. 1x small car (can be a hotweals)
2. 1x battery (AA is preferred)
3. 2x very small magnets
4. 1x roll of duck tape

Sisors :D

Step 2: Put Togather the Car

Take one magnet and figure out what each pole is.
Then tape the magnet to the front of the car. But remember
the pole that is facing outward.
If you forget there is an easy way to figure out once it's taped.

Step 3: Make the Batery

Take the other magnet and tape it to the battery. Tape it to the (-) end and have the magnet face outward with the same pole as the car. If you forgot, just put the magnet close to the middle of the front of the car and if it comes togather then flip the magnet over but if it pushes away then it is fine.

Step 4: The Decoration

For decorating your buddy, get a cap of a jar, or construction paper and make
a shell for your buddy. Add antennas if you want and tape it to the car. Make sure you
tape it the right way, as the magnet is in the front. Now give the toy to some one little and let them play.

Step 5: How to Play

Take the battery and put it close to the nose of the buddy. If you put it at the middle it will roll away, waiting to strike. As soon you move the battery to one side IT STRIKES! Shake it fast to amuse the child.

My sister had lots of fun playing with this. She liked it even more because I made it :D