Introduction: Maid of Honor Guide: Writing a Toast

As maid of honor you are expected to have a toast prepared to say at the reception. This may feel like a daunting task, but it is not too bad if you know what you are going to say.

Here is a quick guideline to help you write a great maid of honor/best man speech for a wedding.

Step 1: Introduce Yourself

Many of the people at the wedding will probably not know you, especially if you are not family of the bride or groom. It is a good idea to start your speech off with a quick introduction that includes who you are and how you know the bride/groom.

Step 2: Talk About Your Relationship With the Bride

This is where you get to talk all about how you two met, or any funny stories you may have.

Please keep your stories G/PG rated. Remember there are small children and grandmothers out there!

Remember during this story to compliment your bride. I know it is often funny to tell embarrassing stories, but please try to avoid these as much as possible. You wouldn't want her to tell embarrassing stories at your wedding.

Step 3: Talk About How the Bride and Groom Met

Or talk about how you know the groom.

Its good for the guests to get a quick summary of a certain tale on how the bride and groom met. Don't go overboard though. No one wants to hear 10 minutes of stories.

Step 4: Talk About the Couple

A great way to finish up the toast is to talk about the couple as a whole. You have talked about the bride and the groom. Now talk about what makes them so special together.

Step 5: End With a Toast

Don't forget that this is a toast, so don't forget to end your speech with a nice toasting to the couple.

This is actually the part that often slips the mind in the moment so don't forget to raise your glass!

Step 6: Extra: Dos and Don'ts

DO: Keep it short and to the point. It's okay if you have a lot to say, just be sure to edit it so it doesn't become a long drawn out, and boring affair

DON'T: Tell embarrassing stories - Just think. If you wouldn't want this story to be told to your family then don't tell the story at someone elses wedding

DO: Keep it PG at most - Remember the grandmothers!

DON'T: Wing it - WRITE SOMETHING DOWN. Even if it is just an idea. Winging it increases the likelihood of embarrassment for you and the couple.